Backlisted But Not Forgotten

The Independent Publishers Caucus has joined forces with the ABA to offer IPC members an exclusive opportunity to inject new life into their best backlist titles.

Selected titles will be promoted in a special “indie publishers” section of the Indie Next Reading Group Guide and at stores across entire indie channel; they will receive the support of key indie bookstore ambassadors and consumer-facing promotional support from IPC and their publishers.

This program aims to bring key backlist titles back to prominence and (back) onto regional and national Indie Bestseller lists.

Printing Discount

McNaughton & Gunn has offered dues-paying members of the IPC a 5% discount on printing. This includes use of M&G’s web portal for electronic proofing and uploading and downloading files. 

In order to receive the discount, IPC members must identify themselves when approaching M&G. Pending verification from the IPC organization, members will be given a quote which shows the price and the 5% deduction. If more than 40 IPC member publishers take advantage of this offer, discount will increase to 10%.

Discounts will not be extended to freight, postage and overruns.

Paper, cover and sample books are available upon request.

Tax exempt forms must be submitted at the time of order.

Discount may not be combined with other offers. 

Help Desk

The first graph in our mission statement is: “Provide resources and education to our members to ‘raise our collective IQ’ as small businesses and create a learning community to sustain ourselves.”

With that in mind, we’ve launched the IPC Help Desk.

The concept for the Help Desk is simple:  create a unique one-on-one resource for IPC member publishers to obtain high-level business, contractual, financial, marketing and general publishing advice.  Whether a publisher is looking to start a new imprint, evaluate distribution and printing alternatives, revamp its author agreements, track rights, analyze cash flow, build a strategic plan, or rise to any number of other challenges, we believe the esteemed cohort of industry professionals we are recruiting for the IPC Help Desk can help our members navigate the vicissitudes of running a small independent business in a confidential and effective way.