We’ve formed the Independent Publishers Caucus to foster a sense of community among those dedicated companies helping to keep the written word alive. Now more than ever, independent media is crucial to keeping discussion moving in the public square.

We also understand that for the independent publishing world to thrive, it’s important to share information about what works and what doesn’t, getting the attention of booksellers and the media, and understanding the financial realities that come with running a publishing company on a day-to-day basis.

We’ve brought together a coalition of the most respected names in independent publishing and the American Booksellers Association to provide community, knowledge, and resources to help ensure the future of books stays strong and vibrant.



To provide resources and education to our members to “raise our collective IQ” as small businesses and create a learning community to sustain ourselves;


To advocate for heightened awareness of independent publishers within our industry, in the media, and with readers;

Keeping the Torch

To function as “keepers of the torch” of American culture in partnership with writers, translators, booksellers, book reviewers and book review editors and producers;


To become a bridge for our members to organizations such as ABA, AAP, AAUP, ALA and CLMP;


To strengthen our common cause in creating a more tolerant and inclusive industry by advocating for bringing in more people of color and diverse origins onto our staffs together with a commitment to bringing a more diverse range of writers to the reading public;

Common Ground

To find common ground and a spirit of partnership with independent booksellers, with whom we share not only our love of good books but also our struggle as small businesses.